Pricing guide
Flexible pricing for stores of all sizes

Choose between our Basic and Premium plans

Basic plan
$0.00 per month + fees and commissions
Free to install and set-up
Unlimited referrals and affiliates
Limited analytics
Customer support included
Premium plan
$39.99 per month + fees and commissions
14-day free trial
Unlimited referrals and affiliates
Advanced analytics
Premium fees and commissions
Full customer email customization
Purple Technologies brand removed from customer emails
Priority support

Fees and commissions
Explore our fees and commissions structure

Basic plan Premium plan
Tier 1: Commission until $100 charged per month 6.5% 3.5%
Tier 2: Commission for next $500 charged per month 5% 2.7%
Tier 3: Commission per month afterwards 2.7% 0.87%
Price per customer email $0.0078 $0.0035
Price per customer sign-up $0.0172 $0.0086

Pricing FAQ
Frequently asked questions about our billing model

How does the pricing actually work?

Our pricing is tiered: our monthly commission decreases automatically as a store's volume of sales increases. In the same vein, a flat fee is charged for each customer email sent by us and for each store sign-up happening through Purple Referrals.

How are commissions charged?

We will subtract a percentage of the subtotal for each referral order that is a direct result of using Purple Referrals. For example, let's suppose Alice refers Bob: we will subtract a commission only on Bob's first order if Bob uses Alice's unique referral code. No commission is subtracted from orders by Alice.

Why are the fees on the Basic plan so different from the ones on the Premium plan?

The purpose of the Basic plan is to allow full customization for new stores without the need to commit immediately to a monthly charge. We do not recommend or expect the Basic plan to be used on live stores.

Do you offer a high-volume plan?

We offer a personalized commission structure for high-volume stores. Contact sales and we will give you a quote!